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While there are certainly countless ways to get rid of unwanted hair, very few of those methods can guarantee to reduce hair re-growth while also leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Our laser hair removal in Chicago can guarantee just that. This treatment is an excellent alternative to shaving, waxing, and electrolysis, and can be done anywhere that’s needed—including the legs, face, back, arms, underarms, bikini area, and chest.

Advantages to Laser Hair Removal

  • No more time-consuming shaving 
  • No more painful waxing 
  • Our advanced lasers are very precise 
  • Eliminates irritation, razor burn, rashes, itching, and ingrown hairs
  • Minimal discomfort during treatment
  • Reduction of unwanted hair is 90% to 95% permanent 
  • Smooth skin that’s always ready to be seen
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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

By absorbing the laser’s light energy into the pigment of the hair shaft, the temperature of the hair follicle is raised to a point where the cells that are responsible for hair re-growth are destroyed, and therefore lose their ability to grow hair.

Most patients have satisfactory hair reduction or loss after 3-7 appointments. 

Advanced Lasers at Beautify at AMS

Laser hair removal has never been more effective. Alma® Lasers has provided us with two exceptional devices for the most effective and virtually painless hair removal experience: the Harmony® XL and the Soprano® XL. Both of these remarkable devices harmlessly penetrate the epidermis and dermis to effectively reach the hair follicles and destroy the cells responsible for hair re-growth. The treatment results in little to no pain and leaves the area outside the hair follicle undamaged. 

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Advanced Lasers at Beautify at AMS

Our laser hair removal in Chicago is done using the most advanced lasers in the business. One of the lasers we use is the Soprano ICE XL, which makes treatment very comfortable. It’s called “ice” because of its cool tip technology. This tip feels like your skin is being iced with each pass of the laser, which greatly helps with treatment comfort.

What to Expect

Before Laser Hair Removal

  • Stay out of the sun and tanning beds for three days prior to avoid pigmentation of the skin
  • Do not tweeze or wax any hair in the area that will be treated for six weeks before your appointment
  • Shave the area 24 hours before your appointment using a new, clean razor so the laser can detect the hair color at its root

During Laser Hair Removal

  • You will receive protective eyewear 
  • Your skin will be cleansed and numbed with a topical cream
  • Your specialist will pass a laser over the skin, concentrating on each hair follicle
  • Our lasers feature a duo cooling system for comfort
  • The length of treatment will be determined by how much hair is being removed

After Laser Hair Removal

  • No excessively hot water for two days
  • No makeup or perfume on the treated area for two days
  • No sun exposure for one week
  • Leave any stray hairs in the treated area alone
  •  Leave any blisters in the treated area alone
  • Do your best to avoid sweating for at least 24 hours
  • No other skin treatments for two weeks
  • Use aloe vera as needed

Laser Hair Removal Results

  • You will begin a “shedding” process a few days following treatment
  • The hairs that fall out will re-grow much weaker and will shed again
  • They will re-grow finer and finer until they stop growing completely
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How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments are Needed?

This is probably the most common question that we’re asked about laser hair removal; however, there is no set answer. 

Because every individual has different skin and hair, the number of sessions necessary to get the desired results will vary. Another factor to keep in mind is that hair grows in phases, which means that not all the hair follicles will be “ready” to be affected by the laser because some of them will be resting. For all the follicles to be affected, about 4-6 treatments are needed. 

Laser Hair Removal at Beautify at AMS

If you’re ready to stop worrying about needing to use razors or waxing in the future, we encourage you to contact us for a consultation. Our laser hair removal in Chicago is done right, with the highest quality lasers in the business. We are driven by results and ready to get you the smooth skin you want. Our approach is to deliver your treatment and let you go about your day, with no fuss and no wasting of your time. We are a full-range medical spa and board-certified plastic surgery center serving Chicago and beyond, treating every patient like family and providing a great experience. For more information on laser hair removal, visit or call our office at 773-417-6480.

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How much does laser hair removal cost?

Is electrolysis better than laser hair removal?

What happens if you laser without shaving?

Why do I have more hair after laser?

Is stubble OK for laser hair removal?

Does laser stimulate facial hair growth?

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Treatment with the Alma Soprano Ice costs $275 for a small area; $350 for a medium area, and $450 for large areas.

Is electrolysis better than laser hair removal?

Electrolysis requires more sessions to remove body hair, and isn’t best for large body sites. Sessions last longer than laser hair removal treatments and are sometimes more uncomfortable.

What happens if you laser without shaving?

If you don't shave before your laser appointment, the laser will singe the hair and could burn your skin. And if the hair hasn't been appropriately shaved, treatment will not be as effective, resulting in minor temporary scrapes on the top layer of your skin.

Why do I have more hair after laser?

After laser hair removal, you may notice more hair in the next one to three weeks. This is because follicles in the growing cycle begin to shed, which is why laser hair removal requires multiple sessions to target every hair at every growth phase. Once swelling and redness have disappeared, exfoliating the skin can help hairs shed faster, leaving skin feeling smoother.

Is stubble OK for laser hair removal?

A smooth shave within 24 hours of laser hair removal is critical for success and safety. Even small amounts of stubble can cause unnecessary pain and burns.

Does laser stimulate facial hair growth?

Rarely. The most common reason for stimulated hair growth is when more delicate types of hair are stimulated by laser light.

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