Non-surgical rhinoplasty (also known as “liquid rhinoplasty”) uses the same injectable dermal fillers that are used for smoothing, filling, and lifting the skin. This treatment is ideal for those who have smaller cosmetic imperfections of the nose and don’t really need a surgical rhinoplasty

Key Benefits of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

  • Treatments are quick and convenient
  • Procedure is 100% non-invasive 
  • Minimal downtime
  • No scarring left behind
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Instant results
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How Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Improves the Nose

One of the most common issues treated with liquid rhinoplasty is a pronounced bump along the nasal bridge. Carefully-placed filler injections can plump up the area around the bump to give the illusion of a smoother contour.

Other improvements that a non-surgical rhinoplasty can achieve include correcting small indentations, correcting a pinched or drooping nasal tip, balancing a crooked nose, adjusting asymmetry, adding volume to a low bridge, and improving overall contour and balance.

For the right candidates, the appearance of the nose can truly be improved with slight tweaks with dermal fillers.

Important Information About Liquid Rhinoplasty

Results are Temporary

While a liquid rhinoplasty may be exactly what some patients are looking for, there are some things to understand about the treatment. Because the treatment uses dermal fillers, results are not permanent. During your consultation, we will tell you how long your results will last (it will be based on the exact type of filler that is selected for you). 

It Doesn’t Actually Change the Nose

While a liquid rhinoplasty does change the appearance of the nose, it doesn’t actually change the nose itself. Rather, it works by filling in areas to camouflage or hide imperfections. This is why it’s often a great option for adjusting smaller issues. 

It Doesn’t Address Functionality

For those who have trouble breathing, deal with severe snoring issues, or experience any other type of nasal functionality problems, a non-surgical rhinoplasty is not an option. To correct these conditions, you will need a surgical procedure. 

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What Happens During a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Because non-surgical rhinoplasty only uses dermal fillers, it’s a fairly quick procedure performed in-office at our medical spa. Only a topical anesthetic is used. While you will feel some pressure during the injections, the level of pain is very minimal.

The area will be cleansed and numbed, and then injections will begin, using the dermal fillers that were chosen for you during your consultation. The injections will be administered to areas on and around your nose.

Administered at our medical spa in Chicago, non surgical rhinoplasties are quick and easy. Your aesthetician will know exactly the right amount of filler to use, and just the right areas to achieve the results you want. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. 

Downtime and Results

A traditional surgical rhinoplasty typically requires about two weeks of recovery. A non-surgical rhinoplasty requires no recovery time at all, with patients even able to go back to their regular day if they prefer. Some patients do experience swelling and/or bruising for 1-3 days, but these are usually mild. 

Most dermal fillers deliver immediate results, so you should see a very fast onset. The longevity of your results will be determined by the specific filler that was chosen for you, and during your consultation, we will let you know how long you can expect them to last. The average amount of time is 6-8 months. 

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Candidates for Liquid Rhinoplasty

If you’re considering non surgical rhinoplasty, Chicago's Beautify at AMS has five highly trained aestheticians, all of whom would love to help you. This treatment is a great choice for those who:

  • Are bothered by small imperfections of their nose
  • Would prefer a non-surgical procedure
  • Want to slightly improve the results of a previous rhinoplasty 
  • Are aware that a non-surgical rhinoplasty is temporary
  • Understand what a non-surgical rhinoplasty can and cannot do

Liquid Rhinoplasty at Beautify at AMS

If you’re interested in a no-hassle, non-surgical rhinoplasty, we encourage you to contact us to set up your consultation. Dermal fillers are one of our primary services at Beautify at AMS, and we proudly serve the entire Chicago area and beyond. We are a full-range medical spa and board-certified plastic surgery center where you can address nearly any cosmetic concern. We are a results-driven practice with the goal of achieving your desired results while providing you with a great experience. To learn more about receiving a liquid rhinoplasty at Chicago's Beautify at AMS, we invite you to reach out to us for a free consultation. 

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