Cheek Augmentation with Facial Implants

Cheek augmentation using implants delivers improved skeletal support, achieving depth and definition for the face. The soft silicone implants are permanent and durable, and can be customized depending on each patient’s facial structure, unique needs, and desired outcome.

Cheek Augmentation for All Ages

  • When cheek implants are used for older patients, they appear younger and more refreshed, and their face will age more slowly. 
  • When cheek implants are used for younger patients, they are given a sophisticated depth and contour that enhances their existing beauty.
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Surgical Cheek Augmentation Details

At Beautify at AMS in Chicago, cheek augmentation is performed with the patient under local anesthesia, IV sedation, or brief general anesthesia. Your surgeon will create an incision either inside the lower eyelid or in the upper mouth (near the top of the gum line).

This decision will be discussed with you during your consultation. Once the incision has been made, the surgeon will insert the implant into a pocket of facial tissue—ensuring it is correctly placed—and will then close the incision with sutures. 

Different Types of Cheek Implants

Cheek augmentation can enhance different areas of the face; therefore, different implants are needed to suit these individual areas. The following types of implants are available:

Malar Implants

Malar cheek implants achieve projection to the cheekbone area, providing a higher contour to each side of the face. These implants are placed directly onto the cheekbone.

Submalar Implants 

The purpose of submalar cheek implants is to add volume to the mid-face to correct a hollowness that may cause an individual to appear gaunt. Submalar implants are placed mid-face, just beneath the cheekbones.


Many patients choose to use a combination of both malar and sub-malar cheek implants for optimal volume and contour. 

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Non-Surgical Options

for Cheek Augmentation

For patients who may not quite be ready to commit to a permanent cheek implant, we can enhance the area temporarily using non-surgical or minimally invasive treatments including Sculptra® and other dermal fillers, fat transfer, and/or stem cell and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

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Candidates for Cheek Augmentation with Implants

If you’re in the Chicago area and you’re considering cheek augmentation with implants, it may be the ideal surgery for you. Those who make the best candidates for cheek implants are those who:

  • Are unhappy with their narrow, flat, or undefined cheek area
  • Want a permanent solution for cheek augmentation
  • Have thick, elastic skin in the area to support the implants
  • Are generally healthy non-smokers
  • Fully understand the procedure and recovery process
  •  Have realistic expectations for what cheek implants can accomplish 

Cheek Augmentation at Beautify at AMS

At Beautify at AMS, our team believes that it’s priceless when a patient looks in the mirror and likes what they see. That’s why we are so results-driven and determined to achieve your cosmetic goals. Our high-end, boutique-style medical spa is the perfect complementary practice to our board-certified surgery center and allows us to offer patients everything they need under one roof—a convenient, one-stop shop for plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures. We treat our patients like family, and we deliver exceptional results while providing a great experience. If you’re interested in receiving cheek augmentation at Chicago’s premier plastic surgery center, please contact us to schedule your consultation.

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