Why Seek Out Ear Surgery?

Overall facial harmony can be disrupted when there are cosmetic issues regarding the ears. By undergoing otoplasty, the ears can have a more symmetrical and natural look that’s aligned with the rest of the face and head. Most patients undergo otoplasty to reduce large, protruding ears while others may seek procedures that repair their misshapen ears due to congenital disabilities or accidents. 

Recovery and Results

  • Requires about one week off of work or school
  • Ears will be bandaged for the first few days (at least) 
  • Common side effects include itching, swelling, discomfort, and/or numbness 
  • Avoid putting any type of pressure on the ears during recovery
  • Avoid exercise, sports, and other strenuous activities during recovery 
  • Do not sleep on the treated area during recovery
  •  Children must be carefully monitored during recovery (no touching or scratching the ears)
  • Results are seen at two weeks, but the appearance of the ears may continue to refine for up to one year
  • Results are permanent
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They are the best. They come up with a plan that fits every budget and desired outcome.


Earlobe Repair

Sometimes surgery isn’t needed for the entire ear; rather just the earlobe(s). This is often due to the ear(s) stretching, tearing, or sagging due to injuries, large or heavy earrings, congenital deformities, or ear gauges. Earlobe repair or reconstruction uses different types of surgical techniques to correct a variety of visible damages to the ear. When patients undergo this earlobe repair, the earlobes become symmetrical. At our accredited plastic surgery center in Chicago, earlobe repairs are done with the utmost care and attention to detail.

How is Earlobe Repair Done?

Performed by one of our plastic surgeons from the University of Illinois at Chicago, earlobe repair can be done quickly and conveniently, using local anesthetic, in under one hour. The procedure involves completely removing the bottom of the damaged earlobe and then stitching the lobe back together to restore its original appearance. Stitches are taken out about one week after the procedure. Recovery is very minimal, with patients able to go back to work the day following surgery. Exercise should be held off for one week. Common side effects are swelling and bruising, which are temporary.

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Candidates for Ear Surgery

If you’re considering ear surgery, Chicago’s Beautify at AMS has two dedicated, board-certified plastic surgeons with extensive experience in ear surgery. The best patients for ear surgery are those who:

  • Are over the age of five
  • Have ears that are overly large, protruding, or misshapen
  • Are in overall good health and do not smoke
  • Have realistic expectations of what otoplasty can accomplish
  • Understand the restrictions during recovery

Otoplasty at Beautify at AMS

Beautify at AMS is a results-driven plastic surgery practice and medical spa serving the Chicago area and beyond. We believe it is priceless when a patient looks in the mirror and likes what they see. At Beautify at AMS in Chicago, otoplasty is performed at our beautiful, state-of-the-art, accredited surgical center, where our goal is to deliver exceptional results and a great patient experience. We go the extra mile to treat our patients as family. If you’re interested in ear surgery or earlobe repair for you or your child, we invite you to contact us to set up a consultation

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How old does a patient have to be to undergo ear surgery?

How old does a patient have to be to undergo ear surgery?

When the ears are fully developed, otoplasty can be performed on any patient. The ears usually reach their full size by the time an individual is at the age of five, so usually beginning at this age, children with prominent ears can undergo otoplasty. Being one of the premier plastic surgery centers in Chicago, otoplasties are performed on children with the utmost care and comfort. We pride ourselves in treating your family like our own.

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